Flight plans

On Sunday Sept 1st I will be departing for Antarctica… It takes a while to get there though.  I fly from Denver to Los Angeles and have a short layover.  I leave Los Angeles on Sunday the 1st and arrive in Sydney Australia on the morning of Tuesday the 3rd!

Wait… I missed Monday the 2nd!!!

It’s a long flight and I cross the International Date Line, so I will lose a day. I figure this is a good strategy for looking young.  From Sydney I have a brief layover before departing to Christchurch New Zealand.  I believe the time difference between Christchurch and my home in Denver is 18 hours forward!  I will have already logged over 10,000 miles on the miles program!

I have one and a half days in Christchurch doing orientation, more forms, getting my “extreme cold weather” (ECW) clothing, weigh in with luggage, etc. and then I take a military flight to Antarctica which will land on the Ross Sea ice!  Exciting!  : )  I should arrive “on the ice” on the 5th with weather permitting.

Two days left…

It’s coming down to the wire.  I only have two days left before I leave for Antarctica.  While down on the coldest, windiest, driest, highest (mean elevation) and harshest continent in the world I will be responsible for a fleet of snowmobiles.  Everything from servicing them to teaching others how to ride and troubleshoot them.  I am really excited about this because it means I will get to spend a lot of time outside McMurdo Station.  I am excited to see and work in the Dry Valleys, volcanos, glaciers, mountains, ice shelf, etc!!!  I recently read one blog post where a regular Antarctic employee stated:

“Some workers get off station all the time, while others never have a chance to get out. Helicopter pilots and snowmobile repair persons get to go everywhere; everybody hates their guts.”

: )  It’s going to be very cool!!